Fuel Rails and Unions

Fuel Rails
99901.102     Fuel rail kit, 4 Injector. IDA cast body
99901.xxx Billet fuel rail for billet throttle body
99901.789 Injector, double fuel union kit
99002.260 Injector, single fuel union kit


Fuel Rails
99901.803 Fuel rail, triple DCO, Z-car
10354.024 Injector, double fuel union only

Fuel Fittings 
030.4120 Fuel rail fitting, AN6 O-ring threaded single
030-4130 Fuel pump 9/16" to-6 flare Four Packs
030-4100 Fuel rail fitting, AN6 O-ring barbed single 
030-4098 Fuel Fitting, AN6 / 10 mm  standard Weber fuel fitting 




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