Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

REDLINE has a regulator good enough for a fuel injected grand prix race car and tough enough for the mud of and rocks at a Off-road Jeeperís Jamboree

Pressure regulators
31800.063 Regulator, adjust 1.5-85 PSI
31800.064 Regulator, adjust with vacuum override 1.5-85 PSI
31800.065 Regulator, adjust 33-55 PSI
31800.067 Regulator, inline adjustable
31800.068 Regulator, adjust 33-55 PSI


Billet fuel pressure regulators

Billet fuel pressure regulator

Billet fuel pressure regulator with vacuum, 8mm inlet and outlet fittings. Unit comes complete with mounting brackets and brass fuel fittings, AN6 fuel fittings available. Ideal for developing fuel injection systems. With changeable cartridge regulator you can upgrade and change pressures with a simple change of cartridge.


2.0 bar application 


2.5 bar application


3.5 bar applications




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