Ford Big Block Fuel Injection

We offer fuel injection kits to fit all your Ford needs, 302, 351 Windsor and cleaved , 327 FE, and the 460 applications. All kits are set up with the fuel rails in the middle of the V for proper fuel distribution and drivability. They also include our billet center linkage kit, and vacuum accumulator.

REDLINE supplies complete throttle body kits that include the following parts:

  • Four throttle bodies
  • Inlet manifold
  • Billet capstan linkage kit with 36" cable
  • Fuel rail kit with AN fittings
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • Air horns (50 mm or 35 mm tall)  

The 302 and 351 kits utilize a strait mount throttle body.

The 427 FE kit is available in either straight or 10 degree angled throttle bodies. This kit is supplied with 35mm air horns

The Ford 460 has angles throttle bodies at 8 degrees toward the centerline. This unit incorporates a stunning billet fuel rail that feeds both banks.  

In order to come up with a properly integrated linkage to fit with V8 manifolds, we decided to develop a cable unit that would fit inside the V and be at least partially concealed by the fuel rails. Constructed from 6061-T6 billet, this linkage kit is the neatest and most efficient way to open and close the throttles on one of our V8 manifolds. The standard cable length is 3 feet, but a 12 foot cable is available for rear and mid-engine installations.

All complete system kits incorporates the vacuum accumulator and use dash 10 rails and 35 mm air horns. Each of the throttle bodies is bored a MAP sensor and a dash 6 fitting is available for a brake booster.






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