V8 Fuel Lines and Jets

Fuel Line Kits:
99008.906 Ford Small Block 302 351 IDA 2x4 Billet fuel rail kit for common rail for pairs of IDA,s used in V8 applications
99008.915 Billet fuel blocks for big block engines.
99008.920 IDA 4x4 Billet fuel banjo kit Ideal for all V8 applications
99008.927 Braided fuel lines for Ford big block engines
99008.900 Braided fuel lines for Chevy big block engines
99008.908 Braided fuel lines for Chevy small block engines





Jet Kits:  
Each kit: 4-sets of 4-each idle jets, 4-pump jets, 2-Zero pump by-pass valves (2 kits required = 4 IDF’s)
702- IDF-2 IDF Low Speed Circuit



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