40-45 DCOE (Typical)

19550-174  40 DCOE

19600-060  45 DCOE

Float Settings 
Early Style brass float 8 to 8.5mm (at radius)
Late style plastic float 12.5 to 13mm at extreme tip of float
All settings are gasket to float


Float setting notes
1. Fuel pressure is critical to float spillage 2.5 to 3 lbs.
2. For aggressive off-road use float drop should be limited to 1 to 1.5 mm max drop of tap for float needle
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8) 79503-xxx Needle & Seat
9) 41030-005 Brass Float (early style)
9) 41030-034 Nitrofil Float (late style)
15) 73401-xxx Main fuel Jet
11) 77401-xxx Main Air corrector Jet
16) xxxxx-xxx Idle Jet Idle jet has both a size and  f number designation call for part no
57) 76801-xxx Accelerator pump Jet
43) 79701-xxx  Accelerator by-pass Jet


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