REDLINE Fuel Filters

Billet Fuel Filter

These are simply the best.

The secret is the two stage system, a strainer screen to take out the big stuff, then the finest filter screen on the market used in the filtration system of the space shuttle. A 10 micron filter that can eliminate the smallest for particles that could stick a fuel injector. These fuel filters also have almost no restriction in flow dynamics, they can flow 15.3 GPM ( Gallons Per Minute )

Ideal for use as a pre filter between the fuel tank and fuel pump Redline recommends  these for performance systems with high volume performance demands . Pre pump demand is critical for High volume injections systems.  


Billet Aluminum w 5/16 push on fittings 


Billet Aluminum with -6AN fittings in and out 


Fuel filter half inch barb


Fuel filter 8AN


Billet Aluminum with 1/2 inch push on fitting  





Canister Style Fuel Filters  

Performance and Replacement Canister style fuel filter with 5/16" fittings. These performance fuel filter designed for fuel injection applications. The low restriction and high filtration rate also make them ideal for our Weber carburetor applications.

The sensitivity of the Weber calibration requires this extreme quality in fuel filtration. Filter best when placed between pump and carburetors or injectors.


Small canister style with 8mm inlet and outlet fittings 


Large canister style with 8mm inlet and outlet fittings  




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