Additional Performance Accessories

Complete line of Redline Weber and Weber alpha components. Designed to protect and enhance your engine performance and  life.

Sequential Shift Light.. part # 99891.910

Fully Adjustable sequential shift light indicator. A gear shift indicator incorporating six progressively larger LED's that illuminate in sequence as you approach the Optimum gear shift engine speed. The design features include the increasing size and brightness of the LED's and the final ultra-bright red LED that illuminates at the pre-set engine speed. The purpose of the sequential operation is to inform the driver of the approaching gear change point and takes into account the rate of engine acceleration in different gears. This method has been used to great effect in Formula 1, Super Touring, World Rally Championship and other top motor sport formula.



Engine Revlimiter.........part # 99891.920

A high performance revlimiter designed to work with contact breaker and electronic ignitions systems.. Easily adjustable for ultimate engine protection. Unit uses soft cut technology to limit RPM. Range of operation 5000 to 10,000 RPM (Not for use with multi spark or capacitive discharge systems)  




Fuel Calibration Display 14 LED's 99891.930

Fuel Calibration Display 20 LED's 99891.931

Compact and lightweight Lambda display systems finished in an attractive black textured plastic casing. The 99891.930 display features 14 LEDís, and the 99891.931 display features 20 LEDís, which are color coded to assist quick and accurate fuel calibration. Display comes as complete kit, with 02 sensor, exhaust bung, and wiring loom.




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